Oxford Dictionary have today announced that the definition of the word ‘Un-Australian’ has been updated following the Australian cricket side’s ball-tampering.

The word, which previously was used as a way to describe someone not in accordance with characteristics and values considered to be typical of Australian people, or a someone with brown skin that says something that the Daily Telegraph thinks could be interpreted as an insult to the legacy of ANZACS

However, what it is to be Australian is now a question that many citizens are struggling with – after being betrayed by the very people that were supposed to represent these ideals at the highest level.

This comes as Australian cricketer Cameron Bancroft was charged with ball tampering, and his captain Steve Smith suspended for one Test after he admitted that he and other senior players, who he refused to name, plotted during a lunch break to illegally tamper with the ball in the third Test against South Africa in Cape Town.

It’s a historic scandal that will likely see both captains and the coach blacklisted from international cricket for the foreseeable future, and one that has blown the lid off how Australia as a country thinks they come across to people from overseas.

According to Oxford Dictionary’s new definition, the word now carries a completely different meaning.

adjective: unAustralian
  1. To be a good bloke with a thorough understanding of common decency and sportsmanship.
    e.g “I was considering moving my golf ball while no one was looking but then I was overcome with a sense of Un-Australian values”



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