As talkback radio Alan Jones continues to face fierce criticism for ‘crossing a line’ that has never existed for him, and will likely be forgotten about in 24 hours, previous victims are now coming forward with things that Alan said about them – which no one seemed to care about at the time.

Last week Jones, the controversial radio host referred to New Zealand Prime Minister Ardern a “clown” and said Australian PM Scott Morrison should “shove a sock down her throat” after she spoke at a regional leaders meeting about combating climate change.

On Tuesday, further recordings of Jones released by the ABC’s Mediawatch program showed him making further derogatory comments about Ardern on the same day – by insinuating that our Prime Minister should ‘backhand’ her.

However, the routine slips of misogynistic gaffes are nowhere near as red hot as some of the other stuff he’s said, as pointed out by the blackfellas.

Indigenous activists are today unravelling a long scroll of shit that Alan Jones has said about them in the past, or just the general racial slurs he has made that would result in even Donald Trump’s impeachment if he said the same thing on live radio.

Namely, that Australia “needed a stolen generation” – as well as his most recent use of the N-word on air.

However, as Australia’s white middle class outrage machine struggles to only truly emphasise with people that look like them, the comments about Jacinda Ardern have struck much more of a nerve.

Australia’s Lebanese community were also keen to highlight the time he encouraged a couple thousand drunk bogans to bash the fuck out of them on the beach.

All of which have since been recognised by woke Twitter commentators as noteworthy examples of divisive vitriol, but nowhere near as offensive as his most recent ‘last straw’.


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