A 69-year-old father of 4 has confirmed to The Advocate that he is running on empty at the moment.

With his overdraft gone, bills up to his eyeballs and his property edging closer to the 90 days in arrears mark, the cattle farmer from the New England Tablelands said that’s those issues are the least of his worries right now.

“Despite the fact I’m going to have my place fire-sold to a mate of a banker in probably less than a month because of the rapidly changing and worsening climate in rural Australia, I just can’t stop thinking about the fact that abortion might be de-criminalised in NSW,” said Bill Walters.

“So that’s why I’m glad that my elected Federal representative Mr Barnaby Joyce is doing all that he can to get involved in a state legislative issue regarding what women can and can’t do with their bodies.”

This comes after Barnaby Joyce voiced a robocall urging NSW residents to oppose the bill to decriminalise abortion in the state.

“Some might argue that the fact that roads in the region look like a cheese grater, the public health system is fucked, the Murray Darling is as dry as the mouth of a Sunday Morning hangover and people are struggling with the reality of a crippling drought is more important,” Walters then went on.

“But in reality, a health issue in NSW parliament is the most pressing issue for me right now.”

“So I’m glad my elected representative is like a dog with a bone on the matter now.”


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