The current Queensland government has today confirmed who its new leader will be.

After nearly 9 years of Annastacia Palaszczuk premiership, the state will now have at least 12 months of Steven Miles time ahead of them.

This appointment of Miles was confirmed today, after Health Minister Shannon Fentiman and Treasurer Cameron Dick pulled out of the leadership race.

Cameron Dick will be made Deputy Premier, after Dick’s Right faction and Miles’ Union back left faction came to an agreement.

After beating Dick last night, Miles is now set for a tough 10 months before the State Election next October.

And, the tests have already begun, with the Queensland media now demanding to know which Origin players Miles went to school with.

“So, who have you got,” asked one of the media scrum this morning.

Becoming Visibly flustered, Miles began scouring his brain for a former Broncos player at the very least.

Remembering back to his days at St Pauls in Bald Hills, Miles struggled to produce any of the goods.

“I was mates with Tuney,” he said, referencing the former Reds and Wallabies flyer.

“And I actually used to sit him on his arse during training,” continued Miles, a Premier who looks like he could shift a bit of tin on the bench.

“And Dutton was actually in Year 12 during my first year. He was a full political sicko even then.”

“But, yeah, no Maroons unfortunately,” sighed the soon to be Premier, looking defeated.

More to come.


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