Anti-abortion protestors in harbourside city of Sydney are re-focusing this morning, after being disappointed by the decision of the Victorian Court of Appeal down in Melbourne.

The upholding of the conviction of the rock spider George Pell today, follows thousands taking to the CBD in Sydney last night to protest against the decriminalisation of abortion.

Holding placards and chanting, the pro-lifers took to the streets in a desperate attempt to stop the NSW government passing the abortion bill that has been endorsed by most sitting politicians, doctors, women’s health experts, lawyers, and domestic violence experts.

Speaking to The Advocate out the front of the NSW State Parliament this morning, a spokesperson for the pro-lifers explained that there is so much at stake with the legalising of a medical procedure.

“The passing of this bill will further widen the gap between church and state, and we don’t want to live in a world where our church doesn’t have influence over our law-making bodies,” the spokesperson named Phil Shillton said.

“And even scarier than women having control over their own bodies is the fact that the priests in our Church, and people in our institutions will have limited to access to children.”

“Given the Church’s long and storied history of child abuse, removing the ability of our priests to do that would almost be like pulling a pillar out from our foundations.”

Shillton then explained allowing women safe access to abortions, would have a certain detriment on the Church’s ability to do that.

“Forcing women to have unwanted children, which can end up in our institutions and homes has been a core business model for us, so we need to fight to stop this bill from happening.”

“Anyway, I’ve got to get back to it,” said the man not taking the hint that he should maybe fuck up about lecturing people on morals for a little bit.

More to come.


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