Not even a month after Australia legalised marriage equality, the North-West Capital of Mt Isa has hosted their first gay marriage, between Glenn Dotley and Glen Khattar, in the gaming and function floor of the RSL.

Both men had an array of family members there to celebrate the occasion, including grandparents.

“There’s a first for everything” says events and booking manager, Kacey Donchambers.

“We were a bit shocked to be chosen as the first venue to host gay marriage, to be honest”

“But if 62% of the country reckon this is a goer, then who am I to argue with the democratic process”

It is believed the wedding planning process had been rushed as both men played hoped to get the thing over and done with before Christmas, however organisers and family members say they experienced no real pushback from cake makers and florists.

“Some of them might have had religious hesitations, given this is the gun-slinging, right-winging deep north” says Susie, mother of groom number 1.

“But given the low women to men ratio in this town they sure as fuck weren’t going to turn down a gig this big”

Local federal member, The Honourable Bob Katter III, who claims to be 3rd cousins once removed with both grooms through is mother and father’s sides respectively, was also in attendance.

“people are entitled to their own sexual proclivities”

“Even my cousins, Glen and Glenn. I wish them both well”

“I mean let there be a thousand blossoms bloomed, as far as I’m concerned. And bloom they did on Saturday night, in the pokie area of the rissole”

“But I ain’t spending any time on it because in the meantime every three months a person is torn to pieces by a crocodile in north Queensland”.


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