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“It’s so cool how there’s still Test cricket to watch after knockoff,” he said.

Peter Gurner’s drinking companions braced themselves.

“It’s just like a day-nighter, it’s mad.”

For the fourth time this Test, the 34-year-old has told his friends that a match in Perth is great for fellow East Coastmen such as him because of the time difference.

On the back of the hotly-contested day-night Adelaide Test, Gurner has his appetite for the odd format grow.

He spoke to The Advocate this afternoon at the Cashew & Pogostick Hotel in Betoota Heights.

“How good?” he said, unclear whether he was asking a question or not.

“I just love Test cricket, it’s the best kind of cricket. Don’t give me that hit and giggle bullshit in the Big Bash. That’s Phantom Menace cricket. Oi but yeah, fucking good time difference hey?”

However, when he wandered back inside to chew another person’s ear off about how good Test cricket is, our reporters spoke to some of his friends.

Speaking quietly but firmly to The Advocate about Peter, friend Gary Poonage said it gets painful at times.

“Mate, we get it. The time difference is great. I thanked you for pointing it out the first time,”

“It’s day five now, mate. Give it a rest.”

“Go Aussie, but!”

More to come.


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