A recent study conducted by the Licensing Inquiries and Testing For Australian Management (LitFam) ombudsman shows that any form of social event that occurs during the Sabbath must be referred to as a ‘session’ or it’s not even worth attending.

These findings come from a survey of over 1000 subjects, made up of both pub patrons and event promoters.

The study finds that even after having a relatively well-behaved Friday and Saturday night, allowing yourself to have a few drinks on Sunday isn’t a good idea unless it’s an official ‘Sunday Session’

“If it’s on a Sunday, it’s gotta be a session” said lead researcher Professor Darren Sailor from the University of Western Queensland.

“Otherwise it’s just a regrettable catch-up that will leave you half-pissed at dinner time worrying about work tomorrow”

“The word ‘session’ diffuses all that”

One prominent Sunday Sessioner, Charlene (31, South Betoota) says the ideal scenario is throwing the name of the pub at the end, such as ‘Sunday Sessions at the Royal’ or ‘Sunday Sessions at the Imperial’ – just so you know it’s an established event.

“As long as they have a DJ playing hip hop songs that feature Ed Sheeran – then you know you’ve made a good call”

“Or some concerningly low steak special”





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