Militant non-smoker Nick Smith (28) seems to have relaxed his stance on casual durries as he and his mates get stuck into a couple of coldies.

Usually berating his friends George (28) and Roger (30) for smoking during work hours, Smith has reportedly hinted that maybe a cheeky bunger isn’t so bad if you’re at the pub with mates.

“Yeah, I give you guys a hard time but I don’t actually think it’s that bad,” quipped Smith as he spun Roger’s lighter on the table.

“I can actually do smoke rings you know?”

Witnesses report George and Roger were aware of their friend’s desire to roast a cheeky cancer stick but refused to give him one due to his years of constant disapproval of their disgusting, body destroying habit.

“Every day he hangs shit on me for having a chuff,” stated George

“If he wants one he’s going to have to ask with his cancer-free tail between his legs.”

After consuming seven beers, at approximately 7:21 pm, Smith asked George if he could have just one of his cigarettes to take the edge off a bit.

“He didn’t really ask, he sort of picked up my deck and said ‘do you mind if I?’ I wasn’t going to let him off that easy.”

CCTV footage of the pub’s courtyard shows George and Smith laughing at their friend’s request, followed by what appears to be a five-minute long lecture where the two of them reportedly call him a hypocrite before finally giving him a cigarette that had accidentally snapped in half earlier.

Economides denies allegations from his friends that he bum-puffed the whole cigarette and states that the cigarette he had will be his last one ever or at least his last until he gets half-cut again.


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