The Wilson’s life has never been particularly exciting, but they reached a whole new level of white bread today, after officially registering to attend the live filming of a TV program.

Sources close to the family contacted The Advocate, alerting us to fact that the family of 4 had achieved peak vanilla and put their names down to watch Wil Anderson and his pals hilariously dissect the world of advertising.

We spoke to the Wilson’s to try and ascertain how their life had reached the point where they wanted to go and see The Gruen transfer live.

“The Gruen is amazing! Are you serious,” asked Tony (45), an accountant who once held dreams of going into corporate tax ;aw but now works at a small suburban firm crunching numbers.

“Lucy, the kids and I watch it every week, and one evening, John, our eldest said that we should go in and see it!”

Tony, explained that he got on the computer and booked it right then and there.

‘“It’s really good to do spontaneous things you know. Spice things up every now and then,” he laughed.

“It will be good to see Todd (Sampson) in the flesh, I really hope it’s one of those episodes where he gives it to Russel (Howcroft)!”

Wife Lucy, who works in the Planning Department at the local council told us she has a surprise for Tony and the kids.

“I am going to take us to the Sushi Train near the Ultimo studios, so that will be really nice,” she said.

“It’s just going to be a great treat to break up Tuesday and Thursday trainings and Saturday sports.”


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