A ‘tropical’ Goth from Far North Queensland has been praised today for his dedication to the dark, heavy clothing associated with his subculture, despite the very visible health affects it is causing him.

The Cairns original and devoted fan of Nine Inch Nails and Joy Division has today been left cooked to a crisp, after spontaneously combusting during his morning walk along Townsville Esplanade.

As firefighters began investigating the incident, the family of Ian Morrissey revealed that this year has been his most challenging in terms of skulking around town in his preferred attire: Black jeans, black docs and a black trench coat. 2018 has seen the hottest summer temperatures since Ian first heard Marilyn Manson’s cover of ’Tainted Love’ back in 2001.

“Moz has really struggled this year” said Ian’s Mother, Siouxsie. “We bought him another Cowboys singlet for Christmas but he just threw it in the cupboard with the rest”.

Nick, Ian’s father, said that after a few drinks recently, Ian had finally opened up about his fashion choices. “He said it was a statement of non-conformity, wanted to stay true to himself or his identity or something. I don’t know. I’m just glad he didn’t tell me he was playing basketball or something suss like though”.

Whilst not being a follower of Rugby League (he does like Thurston though), Morrissey also admitted that this year he had been particularly envious of the locals at the RSL, who proudly wear the merchandise of the local and national teams in what appears to be the ultimate in tropical comfort and practicality.

“Yeah it’s tough” he conceded. “It’s really fucking hot man. I’m having recurring dreams of just kicking around town in nothing but a pair of those silky bad boys”

Investigations continue.


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