In what is sure to gain Scotty more support amongst his mates from his fellow larrikins of Australia, the PM showed up to work today and actually did his job in a hilarious April Fools Day prank.

At the time of writing, Scotty’s greatest political accomplishments mostly include all the times he denied responsibility for the tasks resting at his feet, passing the buck out wide like he’s the Cronulla NRL superstar Nico Hynes or as Scotty calls him ‘Shark Kicker.’

To pull one over on his colleagues and countrymen, Scotty got us all good for April Fools day by showing up to work early, strapping on the feedbag and getting stuck in to some serious work.

“Young people, we are doing what we can to make sure y-your f-future-ahahaha! I’m sorry I can’t keep a straight face!” laughed the PM, as he washed a dirty dish in cold, soapless water in another alleged prank.

“April fools suckers! That was so worth it!”

“Alright I’m off now, gonna go tell Jenny I’ll take care of dinner tonight haha!”

According to insiders from the PMs office, the dishes he washed are still sitting damp and unclean in the drying rack.



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