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A local bloke has today come up with a foolproof plan should he face rejection, by asking out his crush in a subtle way and on the one day of the year he could take it back.

Michael Stuart [26] is alleged to have harboured some affection for a girl at his work, having become smitten the moment he locked eyes with her. Finding her both a delight to look at and exceedingly interesting to talk to, Michael was unable to tell if her friendliness was a sign the feelings were reciprocated or she was just being kind. But today he plans on finding out – he’s going to shoot his shot.

It’s reported that Michael had spoken to Dana early this morning and asked if she was keen to ‘go see a movie sometime’ – which everyone knows usually means a date, but he was going to try and pass it off as friendly if it comes to it.

Unfortunately Dana did not immediately say yes, which was all the answer he needed to know his plan hadn’t been successful.

“Like, as in a date?”

“Yeah haha.”

“I’m sorry Michael but I don’t really see you that way. I do really like you though.”

“HAHAHAH omg noo April Fools!”

“I meant as friends.”

It’s highly unlikely Dana bought his lies but Michael is just going to pretend that she did, if only to save face.

More to come.


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