Councillor Keith Carton says the new entertainment and dining options at the Betoota RSL will be a great addition to the eight-bar-two-restaurant community club at a ribbon-cutting ceremony today.

“It was fair time we did something like this” he said.

“A community club of this size should cater to all. Even the kids. For too long they have been told to pace themselves between lemonades and fuck around on dad’s iPhone while he’s playing poker”

“The new entertainment options for kids will be great for the club and it’s atmosphere”

The town’s mayor says that while there were initial proposals for a Nintendo room or ball pit, they didn’t have to look further than the Windorah RSL to see the Cadbury chocolate skill tester was the way to go.

“Since Windorah installed the Cadbury machine in mid-july 2003, the popularity of the machine has been proven untold by the commissions received. The positioning of the machine at the entrance to the Bistro, allows there to be access for children as well as adults who have banned themselves from gaming”

After months of campaigning from club members, the new ‘Skilltester kiddies lounge’ has been installed in the back left corner of the gaming room.

“It’s just great” says one problem-gambler, Stace.

“No need for babysitters, or anything like that. We can pop them in front of the machine and leave them for hours”

“It’s like their very own pokies [laughter]”




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