Rodger Samuels’ colleagues have confirmed that they have almost had enough this week, after a certain fun run was mentioned numerous times.

Rodger, a sales manager, has been blissfully unaware about his self-promotion over the last few weeks, much to the ire of some of his colleagues.

“Look don’t get me wrong, fantastic that he did the City2Surf, I admire him and it’s a great effort. But, far out he brings it up a lot,” laughed fellow employee, Narendra Patel.

“The hobbling around like he just rode the Tour De France is really hard to stomach. I get he’s run a Personal Best, but does he have to bring it up every time I see him?”

Patel said that Samuels doesn’t even try to subtly bring it up in conversation anymore, “He just walks up to your desk, and starts telling me something about the ‘big race’.

Samuels told The Advocate this week that he is taking it upon himself to try and inspire some of his colleagues to ‘maintain the rage’ for the next 300 plus days until the 2018 race.

“It’s not that I’m better than them or anything, I just want them all to feel great about getting active, and working towards a goal you know,” he said.

The father of two said the expensive running equipment was worth every cent.

“The Fitbit helped my training immeasurably, to be honest. It really got me over the line. But at the end of the day, it’s what’s inside that counts,” he said before unbuttoning his shirt to reveal a SKINS brand torso top.

“Really helps the recovery.”

Samuels said he headed straight to the Westpac Red Zone after the race to unwind; “Um, you betcha, I went there for a massage. After the race it’s always crucial to make sure you take the recovery phase seriously.”

“The day after the race is the first day of preparation for the next year mate. Wise words from King Lebron himself. It’s something to live by.”

Patel has confirmed that rest of the office has resigned itself to a few more mentions of the fun run in general conversation, but are hoping it eases after this week.

“Oh yeah, Monday was a punish as he hobbled all around the office, but it was bearable because it meant we were on the home stretch,” Patel said.


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