National security experts say One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson may undermine intelligence agency ASIO’s work with Islamic communities by berating their religion in a media stunt.

Hanson wore the full Islamic dress during Question Time on Thursday and called on the Federal Government to ban it. Her actions prompted an emotional rebuke from Attorney-General George Brandis who said Senator Hanson really needed to take a good look at her.

Her actions have also caused confusion and upset from within the ranks of her own party, as members and supporters say she chickened out by wearing a burka.

“She should have worn the outfit she wears at the rallies in the forest in the middle of the night. That would have really made a point” said a One Nation advisor, Glenn, who just got out of prison for credit card fraud.

“The burka is one thing, but I think wearing her sheets would have really made the lefties uncomfortable”



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