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A toey septuagenarian from the leafy Brisbane enclave of Ascot has spoken candidly to The Advocate regarding her recent and out-of-character decision to sign up for a free trial of streaming service Stan.

Beryl Frandsen blew the cobwebs out of her seven-year-old laptop and taught herself how to surf the web in an effort to catch The Other Guy, which is written by and stars comedian Matt Okine and is only currently available on Stan.

However, it’s not the comedy that Mrs Frandsen is interested in.

“Bernice from bridge told me that Matt Okine from the radio gets his kit off in the first episode,” said Beryl.

“When she said that, my interest in the show was piqued. So I thought it best I get the old computer out and fire it up. I managed to get it up and my gosh,”

“My little heart nearly jumped out of my chest. I can’t believe after all these years of wondering what it looks like, what it feels like, it was there staring back at me. Matt Okine’s bare bottom.”

The Advocate reached out to Mrs Frandsen family for comment on their beloved grandmother’s recent foray into internet streaming services.

However, her grandson Mike told our reporters that he wished we’d never asked him for comment or even informed him that this happened.

“Yeah look,” said Mike.

“Matt & Alex were the best thing on Triple J for years, way better than anything on there now. But the thought of my grandma Beryl getting her motor started, in general, is just a bit too full on for me to deal with at the moment,”

“Jesus Christ, why did you have to tell me this happened?”

More to come.



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