“Fuck bro” he says.

“Just pull over”

This boys trip up the coast is barely a couple hours in, and backseat passenger Toby is already demanding they pull over to let him relieve himself.

However, Toby’s requests are widely ignored. In fact, they are actually a point of amusement for the rest of the car, who have unanimously decided that this road trip cannot revolve around their friend’s small bladder.

Andy, the driver, has made it clear that this is an egalitarian society, and there will be no piss breaks for one man.

“None of us need to go” says Andy.

“Yeah but I do” says Toby.

“Well wait until the rest of us need to”

Like most people with small bladders, Toby is also a whinger. Which means this whiney back and forth between the driver and the back-left continues until he gets his way.

“Just fuck up Toby” said front passenger, Tip.

“What the fuck is this.” says Toby

“Just pull over it’ll take ten seconds”

The rest of the car’s refusal to make a piss break has become personal, and is now more about stubbornly denying Toby this human right simply because he feels entitled to it.

After close to 15 minutes of increasingly frustrated begging, it appears that the naes may have won.

That’s until Andy hears some funny noises up the back.

“What are you doing?” Andy asks, as he stares suspiciously into the rear view.

“Nothing” says Toby.

The rummaging sounds continue.

“What are you doing?” the driver asks again.

“FUCK BRO NOTHING. Look ahead!”

Andy figures out whats going on.

“Put my fucking water bottle down”

It seems now Toby is in the position to defiantly not do as he is asked.

“Just a sec” he says, as he reaches into his pants.


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