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In some surprising news, a bloke who’s the only male in his family has grown up to become a fully functional human being capable of forming healthy relationships, despite having four sisters and a divorced mum, it’s reported.

The bloke in question, Jake Moore, tells The Advocate that he’s always been held accountable for his actions and forced to do his bit around the household, and has never once been lavishly praised for doing the bare minimum – and nor has he found himself stepping into the role of substitute husband either.

“Yeah, it’s pretty healthy dynamic actually, my mum and sister’s don’t have any control over what I do or who I date”, says Jake, with a shrug, “they’ve liked all my girlfriends.”

Jake goes on to say that he also gets called out when he does put a toe out of line, and had never had bad behaviour excused or enabled.

“I am a flawed human being who is capable of doing wrong.”

More to come.


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