While attempting to reverse his boat trailer closer to the water during a family skiing trip, local dad Brett Cawley (44) has been left in a state of confusion by the amount of “woo” sounds he was met with by bystanders.

At the popular north-coast camping and cabin holiday destination, Crakatinny Lagoon, it appears that every male over 17 is equally responsible for any vehicles that are geared into reverse.

It is believed that rough estimations of distance and acceleration were offered to Mr Cawley from as far as 50 metres away, as bystanding dads from the surrounding thirteen campsites began focusing their attention on his delicate maneuverings of both a four-wheel-drive and boat trailer.

“It wasn’t as helpful as they thought,” says Brett.

“There were blokes that I have never seen before rushing over to direct me. I had asked my brother-in-law to spot me and he was doing a good enough job,”

“Next thing I knew I had about twenty blokes yelling “ooop”, “woo” and “give ‘er some” – they were all conflicting instructions,”

With several more days booked in their Crackatinny campsite, Mr Cawley says he will wait until the very end before he decides to turn on his car again.

“These blokes are all over me. I’m really not looking forward to some of the odd advice they start spewing when I try to light up the campfire,”

“Oh, and the Webber, for fuck’s sake, these blokes look like real backseat barbecuers,”



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