A Queenslander visiting the Swan City has today revealed that his eyesight has been compromised badly by the slow burn of watching the world turn from his armchair on the beach.

After a fortnight spent looking into the ocean, he says it’s time for Queenslanders to realise that sun gazing can cause serious damage to your eyes. And that even though it sounds good in the song, Bernard Fanning only did it once.

“I spent a week here looking at the Sunsets, sunsets, sunsets” says the former river and estuaries purity monitor.

“It can fuck you up”

Alan Swan (34) says that while the the iconic Powderfinger song ‘sunsets’ glamourises life in the West, the concept of watching the sunset over the Indian ocean every afternoon is quite bad for your eyes.

“Sunsets” is a song released as the third single from the famous Brisbane rock band Powderfinger’s fifth studio album, Vulture Street. The single was released on 4 January 2004 in Australia and New Zealand and delves into the beauty that many Western Australians take for granted – the ability to watch the sunset over the beaches.

“My advice to all Queenslanders is to wear sunnies if you ever visit WA”

“I know it seems like a cool new way of measuring each day till it’s gone…”

“But remember to look after your corneas. Staring into the sun is not that good for your eyes”


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