The re-elected Tasmanian government’s anti-nanny state angle has proven successful over the weekend, as their state Liberal government was returned to power in Tasmania with more than 50% of the vote and a clear majority on the floor of the state’s parliament.

Claiming victory early in the tally room, an emotional Premier Will Hodgman said his government had been rewarded by Tasmanians for kickstarting the state’s economy, creating 10,000 jobs and cutting unemployment to the second lowest level in the country – and that they should expect more of this.

However, outside of pokie machines garnishing wages from the state’s working class, many political and economic analysts were vocal throughout the election as to where the economic stimulation was going to come from – now that they aren’t allowed to chop down trees anymore.

However, Hodgman has today revealed his plan to take Tasmania to it’s former glory as one of the largest economies in the New World.

“Four years ago, [Tasmanians] voted for change. Tonight they have voted for no change, to stick in the direction the state is heading and to taking it to the next level,” he said.

“And to do that, we need to go back to basics. Through an indentured workforce of questionable characters sent here by the Commonwealth”

As the working week resumes in UK time, Premier Hodgman has already been pictured in London’s Downing Street, where he has met with Prime Minister Theresa May.

The jaded Green and Labor oppostion parties are already crying foul at the Liberal State Government’s ‘outdated and archaic plan’ to re-enter the convict trade.

Premier Hodgman has already spoken to journalists from the London bureau of Hobart’s Mercury newspaper, and gave comment via Facebook video moments ago.

“Today, my fellow Tasmanians, I have announced our plan to make Tasmania great again. Today I have just signed a new trade deal with the British Government to have over 162,000 convicts transported to the apple Isle by the British government to various penal colonies throughout our great state”

“This is the first step toward taking back our country from nature and art galleries”

Labor and the Greens had earlier both accused the Liberals of effectively buying seats in parliament, citing the widespread belief the government’s campaign had been heavily bankrolled by the gaming, hospitality and convict transporting industries



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