A prominent TV gardener has today been accused of indecent behaviour on set, when it comes to his work as a champion of backyard gardening, which saw him develop an unwarranted and abusive God complex.

A joint ABC/Fairfax investigation has uncovered claims from a number of coworkers from in the late 1980s and 1990s who say the well-known fuckwit was actually more of a monster in his approach to pulling roots and just general treatment of other people and plants.

These allegations mirror the Harvey Weinstein scandal in the United States, with women all over the world revealing their experiences of workplace sexual harassment, and perpetrators only being held accountable when their careers are winding down and the forces protecting them are no longer employed.

Aside from generally grubby behaviour, this particular personality has also been accused of showing young women videos of women fucking donkeys – a sure sign of how someone who got famous spreading horse shit across flowers should probably not be given that much power from a media juggernaut like Channel 9.

“He’s a horrible, horrible, horrible man. He’s a dreadful, dreadful piece of work … he was a really dirty old man.” said one Channel 9 executive, who probably could have done more to stop him at the time.


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