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Eating his Special K with an overly ripe banana throw on top, Michael Cleary was first shocked by the allegations levelled at Don Burke – but ultimately he decided that he wasn’t surprised.

The nation woke this morning to a string of sexual harassment, assault and misconduct accusations put on the former star of Burke’s Backyard, which was the nation’s most popular television show for almost two decades.

However, the TV horticulturalist’s world has come crash down – and he’s only got himself to blame according to Mr Cleary.

“You just have to look at him,” he said.

“That manky beard, soft hands and a voice smoother than a vanilla milkshake left out in the sun for a day. While it did shock me a bit, you know, because of his profile as a G-rated television host and whatnot. But yeah, it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest,”

“If the allegations are true, then I guess we should put him in a set of handcuffs and put him in the clink. Until then, I guess I should go to work. I’m already late.”

Cleary’s sentiments were echoed by his wife, Julie, who said even watching Don pot a punnet of petunias made her skin crawl.

That was back in 1999.

Speaking candidly to The Advocate this morning, Julie explained that today comes as no shock to her and many of her friends.

“Ergh,” she said.


“I believe everything.”

More to come.


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