In an unprecedented landslide from nothing to much less than nothing, Pauline Hanson has been told to just fucking shut up and go away by the proud people of Queensland.

The Senator, who’s current incarnation has made life hard for brown people, was expecting to take over eleven seats in the Queensland election overnight, but ended up with nothing.

“Well, there’s still a silent majority that supports One Nation. They just forgot to vote for me” said Pauline Hanson.

“But yes, there is an undeniable hate campaign directed towards me for no good reason other than my divisive comments about fellow Australians”

“I blame Murrandoo Yanner and all those nasty Murris. When he told me to get fucked at the Cairns art fair it really damaged my relationship with regional Queensland”

“Maybe I’ll start teeing off on blackfellas again”

However, Queensland as a whole has said that they knew very well she was running, due to constant Channel seven coverage of her campaign, they just don’t give a fuck about her or any of the things she has to say.

When all the counting is triple checked, there is a small chance that One Nation will have one seat in the Mirani electorate  between Rockhampton and Mackay – but it is believed that even central Queensland have told her to get fucked.

Muslim single mums escaping domestic violence with autistic kids while working on penalty rates are celebrating tonight, while the moron former Liberal member from Buderim has confirmed all theories that he made the stupidest call of 2017 by joining One Nation in exchange for the state leader role.


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