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Former senator-turned-state-political-hopeful Malcolm Roberts has returned to his former role with the Galileo Movement, after being defeated in the Queensland election over the weekend.

The One Nation candidate was hoping to win the Ipswich electorate at Saturday’s state election just weeks are being parachuted in at the eleventh hour – but ultimately fell short of his goal.

Now with his political life seemingly behind him, the Indian-born political activist has taken up his old post on the roadside, where he denies climate change in a sandwich board.

The Advocate caught up with Roberts this morning outside Roma Street station in Central Brisbane.

“I also hand out literature for people to read regarding the subject,” said Roberts.

“But that’s all I’m willing to say to a malignant news organisation such as yours. If you don’t have anything better to ask me, please go away. I’m working,”

“Unless you’ve seen the error of your ways. Then please let me explain how Russia is using microwave ovens in our homes to control our thoughts and push their leftist agenda on us.”

“China is also spying on us, they planted a listening device in a pair of my shoes once. I had to throw them out. Here, take this literature, it’s got some helpful links in it.”

Our reporters then left Roberts alone to continue his work.

More to come.


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