It is believed the minds behind the unsuccessful Queensland state election campaign were quick to change channels after realising that their party wasn’t going to win one seat over the weekend.

Hanson and her followers spent the election day at Buderim on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast – not an area that would be readily associated with hardcore Xenophobia and political populism, but more linen shirts and Reds Rugby scarves.

That is, except for their party leader Steve Dickson, a former frontbench MP with the Liberal National Party who defected to Hanson in a poor career move – after wrongly assuming he would win back his seat as a high-ranking member of One Nation.

Hanson and Dickson were surrounded by campaign staff for most of the day, most of whom discreetly donate money to online neo-nazi organisations and have a history of torturing animals during their childhood.

After an entire day of dismissing poll results and early estimations, as well as comparing themselves to Donald Trump and blaming the media for the increasingly unexciting election updates, the devastated staffers decided to take their mind off the Queensland voters horrific response to their tax frauds and online conspiracists that were put forward as candidates.

The entire room at the Buderim garage party became fixated on the results of a greyhound race broadcasted live from Albion Park, as the party staffers pointed out that they had all loaded up on a 3-year-old named ‘White Australia’.

“Come on you bastard!” shouted the now unemployed state leader, Steve Dickson.

“At least give me this you fucking mutt!”

“Come on White Australia, get your fucking nose in there!”



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