In true Sydney fashion, both council and state government politicians have rallied today to cut the ribbon on yet another spectacularly expensive ‘festival’ aimed at promoting the life work of dead artists not from Australia.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has said the new sporadic ‘pop-up’ event has proven to be a great way of justifying the current environmental disaster that has spiralled out from the bikeshare economy.

“The state that many of these bikes have been left in by uninterested Sydneysiders has naturally resulted in a tribute to Salvador Dalí” said the Premier.

“Their warped, surreal existence has come to represent Mr Dalí and his life work”

Dalí, a famous Spanish surrealist artist will be showcased right across the Sydney city in completely random places, particularly at the bottom of big hills.

This comes a month after contractors working for oBike in Melbourne fished out 42 cycles from the Yarra within four hour – resulting in the city’s lord mayor Robert Doyle declaring that he would run the bikes out of town unless the Singaporean parent company could control its wayward fleet.

However, Berejiklian says Sydney isn’t as concerned with pointless legislation and infrastructure solely aimed at keeping private companies happy, and any busted oBikes will be left in the street as a tribute to Dalí.

“These bikes don’t tend to handle a collision with the curb too well” says the Premier.

“They bend and warp out of shape, to the point where they actually look like they could be worth a couple hundred grand if we hung them in the Art Gallery of New South Wales”

“There’s no need to stop this pointless exercise, yet”

“We’d have to wait until a couple private school kids get hurt and then we’ll impose and outright ban on them in a split second”



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