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Wondering why he can’t seem to save a cent of his weekly pay packet, a popular 26-year-old hotel manager has revealed to The Advocate that his poor financial literacy goes back a long way.

Back to 1999 in fact.

Gregor Redpath told our reporters that he frequently found it difficult to difficult to balance his Sim City budgets as a child but that wasn’t enough to dampen his passion for the game.

The skittish Gemini spoke to our reporters poolside at his exclusive Greenview apartment complex, in the trendy, bohemian French Quarter district of Nouveau Enculé.

“You could just put cheats in when you ran out of money,” he said.

“My parents have basically cut me off financially now so I’m fucked on that front. It’s real life now; there are no cheat codes for Vodaphone or the ATO,”

“I was hopeless at Sim City, not the building part, I was grouse at that. It was more or less the balancing of the budgets. I’d just cave and give more funding to anybody who asked me for it. Hell, my town of 450 people needs a subway system? Yeah sure, I’ll build that for you guys. Turns out that was stupid.”

Mr Redpath had to pause several times during the interview, wiping tears away with the sleeve of his Supreme x Louis Vuitton hooded jumper.

At one point he stepped out of the room to answer a call on his iPhone X.

However, the call came from his mother, who asked him to pick up his little brother from high school. He apologised for cutting the interview short and left in his leased late model Volkswagen.

More to come.


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