Triple J is currently in a panic this afternoon following a series of abusive and critical comments directed towards their 2018 programming roster, by an HSV Clubsport.

As confirmed earlier today, The Hottest 100 will not be held on Australia Day next year. Triple j says this decision falls in line with the station acknowledging the “increasing debate” about January 26 and its meaning for Indigenous Australians.

It appears the decision has ‘split the crowd’ as Triple J now tries to artfully navigate between it’s core of inner-city leftie youths and suburban rednecks who like doing shoeys.

The most disappointed demographic, however, appears to be the HSV ClubSport community, who are also joined by the SS Utes and the odd aspirational Italian sports car.

“This is bull shit !! Dicrimination against aussies and unaustralian ! Stop whingeing you bleeding hearts – neva listening agan” writes an aggressive HSV Clubsport by the name of Shawn Thomas.

The HSV Clubsport or ClubSport is a full size sports sedan that has represented the Holden brand’s highest volume seller since its introduction in 1990. In recent years it has become well recognised as a right-wing internet troll, appearing in the comments of any Facebook story related to Aboriginal sensitivities or Muslim refugees.

It appears that the HSV community are furious about the fact that this year’s public broadcaster’s countdown will instead be held on Saturday January 27, with the songs that just missed out — places 101 to 200 — on the Sunday.

Many HSV’s have declared they will be boycotting the iconic Australian pastime and Triple J’s announcers are beginning to worry.

“Shit. Have we made the wrong call?” asks Mudgee boy and well-known communist, Tom Tilley.

“I don’t know hey” responds Gen Fricker, also a communist.

However the station’s 84-year-old music and content director Richard Kingsmill has assured staff that for every Holden HSV ClubSport that stops listening to Triple J, there will be another 100 young people who enjoy listening to his selection of youthful pro-Indigenous rock music ballads by bands like Midnight Oil and Goanna.


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