Prominent ex-Channel Nine executive Daniel Gycker OAM says he has been rattled by the allegations made about Don Burke and published overnight in a joint Fairfax and ABC investigation.

The former high-ranking Channel 9 boss has gone on the record to say that he always thought ‘Donnie was a bit suss’ and “possibly a sexual offender that wielded too much power in the position he was afforded by the organisation that I was instrumental in running at the time”.

Gycker’s comments comes after  Australian TV legend Don Burke has been accused of indecent assault, sexual harassment and bullying of women during his time as the golden boy of Channel 9, and star of his own gardening show, Burke’s Backyard.

Journalists have uncovered claims from a number of women who worked with Burke in the late 1980s and 1990s, and he has been compared to the likes of Hollywood sexual abuser, Harvey Weinstein, with women all over the world revealing their experiences of workplace sexual harassment.

“I just can’t believe all of those things that I had imagined being true, actually were” says a distressed and concerned Gycker.

“How did he get away with it?”

“I just wish I was able to do something about it at the time”

“You, know, by intervening and stopping him from doing all the sexual harassment on the set of one of the biggest earning television programmes in Australia at the time”





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