Senator Pauline Hanson is once again having trouble filtering ‘unsuitable’ candidates from running in upcoming state elections under her One Nation party.

Hanson’s party has been criticised in recent months for rushing through the candidacy recruiting progress in her dash to leverage the sugar hit of media surrounding her return to politics.

With One Nation making a move on almost 100 seats in both the state elections of Western Australia and Queensland, Hanson has thrown her support behind a number of controversial candidates, who range from pro-gay-electric-shock-therapy advocates to flat earth conspiracists.

Her latest candidate controversy involves renowned serial killer Ivan Milat, who is hoping to get transferred to the South-West Brisbane Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre, and run for the current Premier Of Queensland Annastacia Palaszczuk’s seat of Inala – as a One Nation candidate.

The fact that serial killer Ivan Milat is currently incarcerated in the NSW Goulburn Prison for the next 100 years appears to be lost on Pauline Hanson, who’s main concern is that Ivan Milat’s background as Australia’s most psychopathic serial killer mightn’t be a good look for the party.

“Everyone has a past” she said to the media this morning.

“I’m not going to rule out Mr Milat’s application until I met with him face-to-face when I visit Goulburn next month.

If Milat is successful in his application, and the legislative assembly of Queensland allow him to run for the seat of Inala from inside his preferred Supermax prison in South-West Brisbane, he will become one of many psychopaths who hate foreigners within the party.

“From my understanding his views towards 457 workers are very much in line with our party”

“Sure, he might have gone overboard by kidnapping, torturing and horrifically murdering 19-22 backpackers in the nineties. But at least he stands for something – and that is, no more 457 visas”


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