6 March, 2017. 17:34

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In an effort to maintain a level of consistency this Test series, the Indian Cricket Board (ICB) has made a formal request to the Diamantina Shire Council for another drop-in pitch from the back blocks of South West Betoota.

Late last year, the controlling entity of Indian cricket purchased two pitches from the E.H. Pearson Cattle Company for use in the upcoming Test series with Australia, with an option to buy another should the situation call for it.

Speaking to the media today Bengaluru, ICB chairman Vinod Rai explained that the pitches in both Pune and Bengaluru needed to be replicated again in Ranchi in the “best interests of sportsmanship.”

“This morning, we made a formal request for another ‘gibber stone flat’ drop-in pitch from a regional shire council in South West Queensland,” he said.

“The pitch comes almost completely devoid of life, save for a few small tufts of spinifex and Mitchell grass. However, we expect those to be dead by day two of the Test in Ranchi. The curators there have since assured my that it will crumble at the same rate as the Pune pitch. We felt this is the best course of action given what’s happened so far.”

The Indian deal has fanned the flames of interest in the bustling drop-in pitch industry that’s taken the South West Betoota Business Park by storm.

Already, a number of Caribbean stadiums and cricket government bodies have expressed interest in purchasing pitches from Betoota, as the action and theatre produced by them in India has been a relative ratings bonanza for Fox Sports – owner of the exclusive broadcast rights.

More to come.



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