In stark contrast to it’s new vegetation reforms, the Queensland Government has today run a chain through a Nockatunga-sized development site south of Brisbane, in preparation for a new series of suburbs with words like Pine, Rivers and Spring in their names.

Nockatunga is located 506 kilometres south-west of Betoota. Situated amongst the channel country of outback Queensland the property includes frontage to the Wilson River. Occupying an area of approximately 8,500 square kilometres (3,282 sq mi), almost the size as Puerto Rico with an area of 8,959 square kilometres (3,459 sq mi) – the term ‘Nocktunga’ is often used by government officials as a yard stick for a large body of land they’ll never visit.

Questions have already arisen today about the thousands of trees that have been torn down by Palaszczuk to build new rendered brick houses with no aspect of backyards, despite waving vegetation reform as the only relatively environmental policy leading into last years election.

The proposed reforms were an election promise of Premier Palaszczuk and were introduced to parliament a fortnight ago by Natural Resources Minister, Dr Anthony Lynham, as the Queensland Government try to take the heat off themselves for what their incessant coal burning is doing to the reef. Some aspects of the laws are already in effect.

“These hillbillys aren’t ever gonna vote for me anyway. They are all in national electorates” she said to media this morning.

“Why should I give a fuck about their business models and livelihoods”

Among the proposed changes are broad-scale bans on clearing vegetation for agriculture and requirements for farmers to obtain approval to thin invasive vegetation, despite it being illegal for them not to do it.

The Premier says when it comes to farming, she’d much sooner do it on concrete than on fertile soil.

“I’d rather farm a new crop of potential Labor voters than whatever these rednecks out west are growing nowadays? What is it? Chickpeas? Like you lot know anything about hummus”



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