A Canberra-based festival enthusiast says she’s very thankful for the new pill testing kits provided at Groovin the Moo over the weekend.

Jenna Bobis (22) says she was initially planning on double-dumping the generic crumbly ecstacy tablets she had bought from a guy wearing reflector sunnies in a WRX earlier in the weekend.

That was until the people at the pill testing table told her that she was protentially dealing with the “absolutely lethal” N-Ethylpentylone (ephylone), which is responsible for a number of mass overdoses around the world.

“That was close” she says.

“I ended up doing them in halves throughout the afternoon, but yeah, I’m glad I didn’t shelve them or do something hectic like that”

The ACT pill-testing trial reportedly found some lethal and odd ingredients in what many festival-goers believed to be party drugs. A total of 85 substances were tested at the music festival over the weekend by Safety and Testing and Advisory Service at Festivals and Events (STA-SAFE), with many consumers surprised by what was revealed.

They found some “quite pure … high quality” ecstasy, as well as cocaine and ketamine – however, these desirable substances weren’t found in Jenna’s baggie.

“I had like a bit of pre-work out powder, a bit of of poison and like a tiny bit of ecstasy”

“Wasn’t really as good as the ones we had last weekend. Luckily I did the test though because I was going to do them all at once”

“Instead I just did half at a time to see how my drunken body reacted to it. It’s not like I was gonna throw them all out. I spent like $90 bucks on them”

“The poison doesn’t have much of an effect on you when you do it like that”

“At least that’s what my friends boyfriend reckons”


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