The city of Hobart has confirmed today that it has come of age.

This comes after the ‘Apple Isle’s’ capital city faces its first housing crisis.

“We are just like all the other major cities in Australia now,” said the excited Lord Mayor of Hobart, Ronald Christensen.

“Apart from Darwin actually. I don’t think they will ever have a housing crisis,” he said.

“Half the people up there live in demountables”

The 2018 Anglicare Rental Affordability Snapshot released today has revealed that Tasmania’s housing affordability crisis has gone from bad to worse over the last year.

The report has found that a growing number of tourists and holiday home purchasers has not only broadened the gene pool significantly but created a serious shortage of rental accommodation.

Anglicare told The Advocate that the influx of interest in the housing market in Tasmania does not bode well for the extended family that call’s Hobart home.

“Yes they have got the status of a proper Australian city now, but that means that they get all of the things that will come with it, like poor infrastructure and shoddy developments,” a spokesperson said.  

Lord Mayor Christensen however, says that Hobart has now set its sights on rivalling somewhere like Sydney.

“Maybe one day the city will have nothing under a mill within a 15-kilometre radius of the CBD,” he said.

“But we will make sure not to completely strangle the nightlife down at Salamanca there, I promise.”

“I guess this where I start complaining about negative gearing! haha”


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