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The South Betoota Sizzler has been home to great fun family times for generations – all at an affordable price.

From children’s birthdays to a brooding teen’s graduation, there’s seldom an occasion where a trip to the institutional franchise isn’t appropriate.

But not everybody in the community can visit the salad bar or load themselves up on dessert without a fear of being interrupted and ultimately judged.

Tuesday Coyne, 27, hasn’t been able to visit the South Betoota Sizzler since she shot to national fame back in 2014 as a prospective wife on Farmer Wants A Wife.

“It’s only ever at Sizzler I get recognised and it’s ruining my life,” she told The Advocate.

“Back when the show was actually on, it couldn’t go anywhere. Some bitch from New Idea said I tried to give Farmer Dan an over-the-pants handjob, which wasn’t true, and the next article said that when I eventually got bushed by Dan, I threw a pot of DOT 4 brake fluid over his Hilux in revenge,”

“That part about the car was kind of true. It was power steering oil but none-the-less, I was a prisoner in my own home. Sizzler is the worst though, I could be helping myself to some hearty potato salad one minute, then some chinless pig of a man in an HRT singlet would say something crass at me,”

“Which is why Hogs Breath gets my business now. They understand the concept of privacy and everyone leaves me alone. I guess Hogs Breath people are just a bit more sophisticated?”

The Advocate reached out to the management down at the South Betoota Sizzler and was able to speak briefly with the franchise manager, Gussy Maitland.

He was able to outline that there is a protocol for handling celebrities in the restaurant but ultimately concedes that their response hasn’t been good enough this time.

“We’re sorry to hear that Ms Coin has had a negative experience at one of our family restaurants. We do try to keep a certain level of decorum, especially around the salad bar.  We’ve extended an apology to Ms Coyne and have assured her that the incident was isolated and she’s welcome back any time.”

Tuesday has indicated that she won’t be returning to the Sizzler any time soon.

More to come.



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