A cheerful coworker’s ability to go through life without a worry in the world, has today been explained after he showed everyone in the office photos of his pride and joy.

Bruce McBewmer (66) has never once lost his temper in the workplace, and never gone as far as showing any visible signs of being frustrated in his thirty-five years as a logistics manager at a local crate and storage rental company.

While the lives, and workplace relationships rollercoaster around him – Bruce is nothing but a constant in the life of his colleagues that will occasionally park themselves at his desk if they wanna have a light-hearted chit chat about something in the news cycle, but never politics or religion.

In fact, Bruce is so cheerful and optimistic that new employees will often try to make sense of him by enquiring with others as to whether or not he is a Christian, or a serial killer.

Turns out he is neither. Just a run of the mill bloke who spends 40% of his annual income on building his collection of model trains, and inland holidays to towns that have rail museums, or just good rail vantage points.

And judging by the photos of his entire family, wife and adult kids, joining him for a holiday to the iconic rail town of Mossman in North Queensland – it seems the entire McBewmer tribe are in on this deep-seated love for rail.

“Let me show you a photo of this engine I picked up on eBay last night” says Bruce, having noticed one colleague vaguely interested in his hobby.

“I was bidding for it until 6 am this morning haha”


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