Local Adlay, Messky Oner, says the toughest thing about adhering to the eshay lifestyle is that tracksuits are only really appropriate in the clubs.

Other than that, it’s a year-round uniform. Nautica cap, Gucci shirt, FILA bum bag, Nike TNS and Canterbury Bankstown footy shorts.

“It’s fucking eezingfray brah” says Messky.

However, as this twice-incarcerated aspiring graffiti artist points out, Eshay culture has now gotten to the point where it’s kind of expected that lads will get their pins out, even during winter, and show off their shin tatts and perfectly sculpted calves.

“Do you know how much waxing hurts brah” says Messky Oner.

“I’d prefer to get shivved. I’m not doing all that for nothing. These pins are getting some sunlight even at 9 degrees”

“Call me Messky Eleven”


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