Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has this week popped his head up to talk about the different government responses to the current public health crisis that would have absolutely fucked Australia ten times harder if he was still Prime Minister when it hit.

Abbott has criticised “health dictatorships” – saying the economic cost of lockdowns meant families should be allowed to consider letting elderly relatives with the coronavirus die by letting nature take its course.

These comments come as a surprise considering Mr Abbott was only able to spend a quarter of a century in Parliament off the back of the reliable grey army vote.

Abbott also claimed it was costing the Australian government as much as $200,000 to give an elderly person an extra year’s life, substantially beyond what governments would usually pay for life-saving drugs.

These comments are also just as interesting considering these extra costs are only a result of the failing of the federal aged care system that he gutted as Prime Minister, and literally asked the church to pick up the slack.

Abbott has gone on and said not enough politicians were “thinking like health economists” whatever the fuck that means.

“Now that I can no longer rely on Alan Jones to indoctrinate the thousands of scared old white men and women in Sydney’s North Shore into voting for me out of fear of Muslims and the evil wheels of satan that collect energy from the wind”

“They must all die”

“It is time to kill all elderly people, so that we can save the money that could be better spent on providing $882 million tax rebates to Rupert Murdoch”

“Or building roads and infrastructure for coal mining operations in towns that no one will ever visit again once they dig it all up”

“Kill them all”


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