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It’s seasonably warm here in the Simpson Desert today and hundreds of locals have headed down to the shores of Lake Betoota for a dip.

Kids were doing backflips off the Cutler Bridge into the Diamantina River down the French Quarter and the fun was too good for Roden Seymour to pass up.

The 45-year-old chartered accountant told our reporter this afternoon that he simply kicked off his shoes and dropped the Tarocash on footpath beside the bridge and jumped in.

“Look at my feet,” he said.

They were all cut up and bleeding.

“It’s only about six foot deep here where I jumped in. It’s fucken near 5m down. I think I’ve actually broken some metatarsals,”

“But it was good to cool off.”

Mr Seymour stood there in his form-fitted “boyshort” underpants dripping on the footpath, blood mixing with the water as it trickled into the gutter.

“I sometimes keep a few pairs of Budgy Smugglers in my car. I’ve got like ten pairs. But as I was walking home from the office, I didn’t have any,” he said.

“But yeah. Mate, I’m going to have to sit down, I actually think I’m in a bit of trouble here with my feet.”

Roden then noticed he was missing his right pinky toe.

“Oh shit,” he said softly.

“Have you seen my toe? Holy shit. Fucking hell, look at my feet!”

More to come.


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