Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has finally succombed to the Covid-19.

After the incredible year the world and Italy has had, the loudmouth Italian figure has greeted the inevitable.

Doing so with his trademark smile, the notorious politician and media mogul revealed today that he’s contracted the coronavirus and will be isolating at home for 14 days.

The man responsible for an incredible litany of homophobic, sexist and racist gaffes is reportedly in good shape and plans to continue to work from home during the 14 day isolation period.

However, the fact that the big fella has managed to avoid the virus for so long has come as a genuine shock to the world.

“Incredible,” said a spokesperson for the world down at Betoota University today.

“Given Italy is and was one of the worst-hit countries in the world, and Berlusconi’s appetite for partying and partaking in the sharing of bodily fluids, it’s a miracle he’s kept it at bay for so long.”

“I mean, the man who brought his bunga bunga sex parties into the international spotlight is not exactly the kind of guy who is gonna mask up, stay at home apart from essential outings and kept visitors at bay.”

It’s not known whether Berlusconi will be able to follow the rules for the strict two week period, but it’s believed every single Influencer and Model in the region of Lombardy has since been contacted by the man himself or of his representatives.


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