According to the very emotive language echoing down the other end of the platform, some bitch is gonna pay for the shit she’s done to everyone.

This comes as two rather worked up local girls begin teeing off on some other local girl behind her back.

In what sounds like the ultimate betrayal, it seems ‘that bitch’ has gone and done something quite selfish and offloaded her kids onto someone else so that she could go and spend time with a man that doesn’t belong to her.

“That’s not even her man. Plus he’s already gotta a missus” confirms one of the commuters, insinuating that this bitch’s actions are going to be responsible for the destruction of two relationship.

After close to fifteen minutes of raw, sweary, bridge-burning criticism of these actions – the two chicks at the traino sound no closer to finding a resolution about what to do about this bitch.

Eventually, after another five minutes of venting, it sounds like there’s nothing ya can do, and karma will have to take it from here.

According to both Hinduism and Buddhism, Karma is a word used to describe the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.

This means, if you are a “two face putrid mutt” and don’t take responsibility for your responsibilities, and make it everyone else’s problem and then go spending time with a man who has a missus – then you can expect to possibly experience bad luck in the future.

“Or I could just get Stace to head round there and pull her fucken extensions out”



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