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Last night’s National Cabinet meeting was productive, according to the Prime Minister, who said this morning that Queensland will agree to open their southern border if Bob Brown agrees to not lead another conga-line of inner-city lefties up to Clermont to tell regional Queenslanders how they should be living their lives.

At last year’s election, Queensland swung heavily toward the Liberal National Party, leading many to blame the state for ushering in another four years of sustained mediocrity.

However, Bob Brown cost the Labor Party the election with the anti-Adani caravan.

Now the ash has settled and the Pangolin’s Revenge is starting to surrender to springtime, the Prime Minister wants to reopen the country.

However, this masthead can reveal that in high-level talks this morning between the Queensland Government and Bob Brown, the former Greens leader did not agree to the terms set out by the Palaszczuk Government.

More to come.


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