Another celebrity has fallen victim to the pandemic that is the Covid-19.

Speaking via social media this morning, Dwayne Johnson revealed that he and his family have all been battling the virus in recent days, but his wife and two young daughters are feeling better.

The actor, producer, businessman, and one of the greatest to ever do it in the ring, explained that his family went and got tested after realising none of them could smell what the Rock was cooking.

The loss of smell and taste is a common early symptom of the virus, and Dwayne Johnston revealed to The Advocate in his only exclusive Australian interview aside from Beau Ryan, that when his family were struggling to pick up the smell of breakfast – the penny dropped.

“Yeah, I yelled out my catchphrase to my daughters and they couldn’t pick up the warm waft of pancakes and honey,” explained the 10-time world champion.

“I thought they were just playing silly, so I asked my wife, and the same thing happened to her.”

“And normally, it doesn’t end well when people can’t smellllllll what the rock, is, cooking!”

“But I asked them to have a taste, and same thing.”

“So we got tested, and then I dropped a People’s Elbow on this damn virus, and now, we are all better. Thank god.”

“Because if thinks went badly, there’s no way the Undertaker would be able to put me away”

He then began inquiring about whether the back of Betoota would be a decent enough place for the next Fast and Furious film.

More to come.


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