Approaching 7 months of working from home part-time, local literature enthusiast Stella Hunt (34) has still barely made a start on writing the pandemic thriller novel.

This opus has been a dream of Stella’s ever since she was one of those chicks in Advanced English 2 with an annoying penchant for ending sentences in rhetorical questions.

“It’s hard. I mean, I’m just soooo busy,” said Stella, looking up from her laptop screen – currently playing a 35 minute makeup tutorial on YouTube.

“I have the whole story in my head, but I just don’t know if its the right time for a pandemic novel, you know? Will it really sell?”

Looking over a few messy handwritten notes and chapters Stella got to the heart of the issue.

“What I’m really struggling with is bringing the dystopian side of the novel to life. It’s just so hard to picture from a free western country the types of things a tyrannical government could enforce on its citizens during a pandemic right?”

Stella reached for her buzzing phone and quickly accepted the software updates for the government’s covid-safe tracking app.

“Anyway I’m off to get my mandatory vaccine” Stella’s muffled voice carried from behind her mandatory facemask.

“I’ll get this pandemic thriller done soon I swear! Just need a little bit more inspiration you know?”


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