In some news that nobody on the face of the earth saw coming, it’s been revealed that Henry Kissinger was a massive fan of Australian EDM duo Bombs Away.

The family of the former Nobel Peace Price winning war criminal have confirmed to The Advocate that the US Diplomat used to actually love the Aussie party boys who broke into the Australian Top 40 in 2012.

The revelation came after Kissenger’s family posthumously released his Spotify Wrapped for 2023, with the Bombs Away boys coming in as his Top Artist.

“Henry was such a fan of Big Booty Bitches,” said a tearful member of the war criminal’s family.

“And he really loved Super Soaker. It reminded him of when he ordered the carpet bombing of millions of Cambodians, Vietnamese and Laotians,” they said in reference to his military actions which killed millions and caused immeasurable damage to countless real people.

“He was also a huge fan of their song Flaunt It, which is what he did after he claimed a Nobel Peace Prize for ‘bombing Cambodia back to the stone age’ and then moving into the world of consulting where he made eye-watering sums of money off the giant corporations he ensured revenue streams for all over the world.”

It’s unknown how Kissinger came across the iconic duo, given he never once went to Schoolies, never once attended a university semester opening party, or attended any club nights in regional venues.

“We aren’t sure,” said his family when asked about the fandom.

“Yeah look, we picked him as more of a Machine Gun Kelly kind of guy, but we think he must have just come across the name when searching on Spotify, and it just stuck.”

“So there you go.”


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