A cheeky local man has been raked over the coals by his mates this afternoon. 

The generally well liked local air-conditioning mechanic named Brendon Thomas was given a serve a short time ago after being spotted with something suspicious in his hand.

“Oi, where’d you get that CC from,” laughed a mate of Brendon, who had a very good idea where his tight arse drink thief mate got the drink from. 

The public allegation came a few hours after big bad Brendo turned up at a friend’s BBQ with a case of Germany’s finest moderately priced beer. 

The man who famously always has issues with his ride share apps when it comes time to order, arrived at the shindig with an unnecessary amount of 500ml German lagers. 

Famous for being a beer that university students and apprentices drink, the nostalgic value of the drop often vanishes for more refined palettes after one or two of the large budget cans. 

Which is why it’s believed that cheapskate Brendo was fishing around eskies like a thief in the night a short time after arriving at the gathering. 

After being apprehended with a nice cold ginger ale and Canadian Club in his hand, Brendo was finally called out. 

“Doesn’t look like one of your cans of German dirt water,” laughed his mate, the rightful owner of the CCs. 

“Oh, haha, you want one,” laughed Brendon, seemingly offering his mates up 500ml malt waters. 

“Um, nah, all good. Maybe just bring something you actually wanna drink next time. Or treat yourself to a refreshing drink like a CC,” winked his mate. 

It’s believed Brendo was seen a short time later trying to renegotiate some drinks trades, which were not accepted by any of his mates. 

More to come. 



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