Tributes are today pouring in for one of the titans of modern history, Doctor Henry Kissinger.

The former US National Security Advisor and Secretary of State passed away yesterday afternoon Australian time, leaving behind a legacy of millions of deaths and hundreds of millions of lives ruined by his aggressive pursuit of America’s Imperial interests – as well as funny anecdotes at charity dinners and foreign policy love ins.

Not only was he beloved war criminal who oversaw the carpet bombing of vast swathes of South East Asia, helped instal bloodthirsty regimes all through Latin America, the Middle East and East Timor, but a family man who was revered for his charming sense of humour and a cutting edge wit (trust me, I should know, I bumped into him in an elevator at a 5,000 dollar a head dinner once and he even said hello!).

Taken way too late at the ripe old age of 100, one of the world’s most famous diplomats but least famous war criminals has been mourned by all those around the world whose lives were ruined by him, and by those well heeled political and business insiders who like to pretend he wasn’t responsible for all the things he was responsible for.

As well as ‘halting the spread’ of communism in places like Vietnam, Cambodia, Lao, Chile and Argentina, Kissinger was the leader of an American doctrine of ‘Realism’ – aka killing or allowing for the killing of as many people as possible all around the world to ensure that America’s political and corporate interests were advanced.

From overseeing a reign of terror in Vietnam that cost millions of lives, to directly ordering the carpet bombing of 600,000 innocent Cambodians and 150,000 Laotians to death, to toppling democratically elected left wing governments who didn’t adhere to US interests and green lighting the kidnappings and murders of 10’s of 1000’s of people in South America (with plenty having blocks tied to their hands and dropped out of planes into the ocean), to working with the Indonesian President to murder 500,000 East Timorese people in an effort to ensure the region’s oil and resources could be profited off to the max – Kissinger had a marvellous and incredible record.

Following a lengthy stint as a diplomat who oversaw widespread terror that reached to all corners of the world, Kissinger then won many fans by moving into the world of lobbying and making squillions working for all of the people he did favours for while in office.

He will be sorely missed.

Vale Henry Kissinger. 1923-2023.


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