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A local bloke has thoughtfully helped to prepare the family home for guests this week, by spending roughly two hours painstakingly cleaning and rearranging an area that no one will see.

Hank Paulson, 45, was reportedly rewatching Face Off when his wife had implored him to help out with the clean up, which he’d assured he would get to right after the pivotal scene where John Travolta and Nicolas Cage undergo surgery to swap faces.

Though he did require a couple of more nudges to get off the couch, Hank eventually did make good on his promise to do some cleaning.

By completely gutting out his tool shed.

Speaking to his wife, Lauren, The Advocate learns that this is ‘classic Hank’ behaviour.

“I asked him if he was taking the piss and he genuinely couldn’t understand why I’d be upset that he was cleaning his shed”, said Lauren, “and he does, ‘oh, but you asked me to clean!”

“Why would you think I meant the tool shed?”

“We were having a dinner party, why would anyone be looking at the shed? Why would you expend all that energy on ‘technically’ doing what I asked when you could do something useful instead?”

“Like, clean the kitchen?”

“I’m baffled!”

More to come.


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